About Us

We are an alliance of CPA’s and Tax Strategists who are committed to help our clients grow their businesses and to achieve their financial dreams. We bring over 60 years of experiences in business strategies and financial operations, ranging from public accounting firms, private enterprises, non-for-profit organizations to governmental agencies.

Our Mission

We exist to help people succeed. To build, be it a family or a business. To start a legacy. To continue serving their families and communities. And to matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What do you do? And how are you different than other accountants?

We specialize in crafting tax-saving strategies based on your unique set of circumstances. We tell you what to do when to do it, and how to do it. We’ll find the mistakes and missed opportunities that can cost you thousands – and then give you a step-by-step action plan for rescuing those lost dollars.

Please schedule a tax return analysis with us. We guarantee you’ll leave with new information or we’ll donate $50 in your name to your favorite charity.

Our clients appreciate a one-stop shop service for their financial well-being, so we also provide other tax-related services. Please contact us to see if we can be of service to you.

02. What are your fees?

As we are specialists of tax-saving strategies based on an individual or a business’s unique set of circumstances, the fees vary depending on the complexity of the clients. Over the years, our clients have found that the value we provide far exceed their expectation, and soon you will find that too.

Please consult us for a more accurate reading of your situation.

03. Where do you serve and who are your clients?

We serve clients all over the San Francisco Bay area. They are entrepreneurs, investors, and small business owners.

Our main office is at 1172 San Pablo Ave. Suite 102, Berkeley. We also meet clients in our San Francisco and Lafayette offices by appointment only.

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Happy Clients

I was able to make an appointment, turned over my information and got the financial plan within a week (I am buying a home for the first time). I love that she is available and I can just call her for quick question.

Dorian C

After querying some of the information [I provided her] (especially concerning the house that I rent out back in the UK) because she knows a lot about real estate, Sabina calculated that I was actually due a refund of about $2000.


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